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Spectrum Collaboration Challenge

Phase 3 Hurdle

The DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge (SC2) is an open competition intended to drive research in using collaborative machine-learning to overcome scarcity in the radio frequency (RF) spectrum. While SC2 is open to most interested parties, DARPA must set limits on the number of teams that can participate in the competition in any phase.

The Phase 3 Hurdle ensures that any participants entering SC2 in Phase 3 have the skillsets necessary to field competitive radio networks.


To participate in Phase 3 of SC2, participants must complete the following steps:

  • Register a team at SC2 Phase 3 Hurdle Registration
  • Download the Phase 3 Hurdle source code and hurdle image files from Phase 3 Hurdle GitHub Repository
  • DARPA will generate AWS credentials for each team to use for submitting hurdle solutions.
  • Develop a radio network solution that passes the Phase 3 Hurdle
  • Submit a passing solution to DARPA via AWS
Phase 3 participation timeline