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Spectrum Collaboration Challenge

Phase 2 Open Track Hurdle Overview

Teams wishing to participate in the Spectrum Collaboration Challenge, must complete a Phase 2 Hurdle. This page and the documentation and links referenced here provide all the information you need to understand the hurdle problem, create a software defined radio compatible with the DARPA hurdle test infrastructure, and download code necessary to execute the hurdle.

You MUST register as a Phase 2 Open Track Team to receive credentials to participate in the hurdles. Click HERE to register.

Hurdles close on April 30th, 2018. Access to competition resources will be granted if hurdles are passed before the deadline. Please don’t wait until the deadline to submit your hurdles.

Hurdle content resides in 3 locations

This graphic should help you understand the path you need to take to successfully create and pass the Phase 2 Hurdle challenge. Good Luck!


Phase 2 Entrance Hurdle Problem Description

Specifics of the Phase 2 Hurdle for Open Track teams

Phase 2 Entrance Hurdle Information & Logistics

How to incorporate your solution and execute the Phase 2 Hurdle.

Radio API Specification

Specifies how the Phase 2 Hurdle container will interact with your solution during hurdle execution

Collaboration Protocol Specification

Specifies how to negotiate with the bot networks

Hurdle Container Specification

Specifies how the Phase 2 Hurdle container is configured

RF Environment Simulator Specification

Specifies how to interact with the Phase 2 Hurdle RF environment

Practice Bot Behavior Specification

Specifies how the Practice bot will behave during hurdle execution

Hurdle Bot Behavior Specification

Specifies how the Hurdle bot will behave during hurdle execution

Submitting Solutions Via S3

Learn how to upload your solution to S3 for evaluation

Phase 2 Entrance Hurdles FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the Phase 2 Entrance Hurdle