DARPA’s Spectrum Collaboration Challenge (SC2), the world’s first collaborative machine intelligence competition to overcome spectrum scarcity, is opening the search for teams to compete in Phase 2 of the Challenge. As the number of military and civilian wireless devices continues to grow exponentially, the need for full access to the increasingly crowded electromagnetic spectrum has never been greater. To overcome the issues of spectrum scarcity, SC2 aims to redefine conventional, rigid spectrum management paradigms in favor of more efficient and fluid machine-driven approaches.

As Phase 1 of SC2 comes to a close in December, the SC2 organizers are excited to reopen the competition to new candidates who are eager to develop smart systems that collaboratively and autonomously adapt in real time to today’s dynamic and congested spectrum environment. To join in, however, will take “hurdling” over some technological challenges. The Phase 2 Qualification Hurdles are now open and require interested teams to deliver software defined radio code. The results of these entrance hurdles will determine the final line-up for the next stage, which will culminate in a Second Preliminary Event in December 2018.

The registration deadline for taking on the Hurdles is January, 2018.  However, interested participants are encouraged to review the qualification details well in advance to ensure sufficient time is allowed for completion.

Visit https://spectrumcollaborationchallenge.com/join to Join